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A Burning glass company

Tabulaex brings to the market the results of the university’s research

Tabulaex, a company recently acquired by Burning Glass Technologies, is a former accredited spin-off of the University of Milan-Bicocca created to bring to market the results of research and the progress of the CRISP Interuniversity Research Centre.

Burning Glass and Tabulaex are both leaders in the field of real-time labor market analysis and the recent acquisition strengthens Burning Glass as a global provider of labor analysis software products.

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As new technologies are transforming the labor market, we are empowering universities, companies and government institutions with the right information to implement powerful effective strategies.
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Discover the power of WollyBI

WollyBi offers an original and real point of view on the labour market through the analysis of the companies’ job announcements published daily on the Web. Using big data analysis’ techniques and semantic analysis we extract useful information on professions and skills.


We collect, analyze and process labour market data in Italy and in Europe

Our new Dashboards will be available from November 30th, 2019

You can access some of our dashboards for free and discover the potential of WollyBI


Dashboard for the analysis of the emerging jobs from a degree course and the benchmark with the labour market.



Indicators for the analysis of jobs and skills required by specific companies



Summary data of job vacancies collected from the main Web Sources in a specific territory.

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