Project Description

Case Study

Academic programs and Web job vacancies

Academic programs of educational institutions and Web job vacancies: the missing match!


The Local School Offices (UST in Italian language) are branch offices of Regional School Offices, that are branch offices of the Italian Ministry of Education, Universities and Research (MIUR). Their purpose is usually to deliver administrative, monitoring and support services to the school.

Goal of the project

The project verifies the matching of the vocational education and training schools with the Web job vacancies in the province of Brescia.

The report

UST Brescia has made available all the data relating to the technical and vocational schools in the province of Brescia and those relating the numbers of students in the fourth and the fifth year. Schools were grouped according to the official addresses of the MIUR, identifying the major skill in output for each group. From WollyBi database we extracted the Web job vacancies related to the province of Brescia and we identified the professions sought by companies with their skill.

In this way, we could compare the educational offer of technical schools in the province of Brescia and the demands of work in the territory, both in terms of quantity and quality.

The results were presented in simple and agile infographics (PDF format)  generating so easy-to-use material for supporting parents’ educational choices (orientation support).