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The job’s accountancy

Labour and training market Open Data Regional Observatory


Eupolis Lombardia is the top institute for research, statistics and training of the Lombardy Region, operating since January, 1th 2011. It’s mission is to increase the knowledge as a basis for political and administrative action.

Eupolis Lombardia is  a new organized and strategic system  able to produce and disseminate knowledge, to support policies of the Lombardy government and their implementation in the whole region, to support innovation of Public Administration and the Lombard society.

Goal of the project

In order to pursue its statutory objectives, Eupolis Lombardia has chosen the Tabulaex’s product “DAS – The job’s accountancy” to make their  portal “Labour Quadrant”.

“Labour Quadrant” web portal

“Labour Quadrant” is a new portal created by TabulaeX to offer to citizens, businesses and institutions a comprehensive, always available information service on the regional labour market.

The economic system, and the labour market, are in a phase of deep and structural change. Flexibility and dynamism of markets and labour are phenomena increasingly growing with very significant consequences for both companies, committed to finding new and better competitive positioning models, both for workers, called to live in a constantly changing situation. In this context the information becomes an important tool to improve knowledge of the phenomena in place, observe the evolution, assess their social and economic impact.

“Labour Quadrant” is a useful tool to support decision-making capability of defining public policies of intervention, and to better navigate the dynamism and troubles that are in today’s labour market.

The portal was completely made using the product “DAS – The job’s accontancy” of Tabulaex.