Project Description

Case Study

Skills required by Industry 4.0

Deepening of the skills required by industry 4.0


Confindustria in the most important Italian business association.

Confindustria Lombardia is the Confindustria’s regional office which brings together 11 local associations of Lombardy. With 13,000 companies and about 700,000 employees, it represents almost a quarter of the whole Confindustria system.

The challenge

Next years our manufacturing system will challenge the fourth industrial revolution, “Industry 4.0”, the complete automation and interconnection of productions.

The Smart Factory  will control and manage independently the production processes through the use of new intelligent tools and new software for structuring data  and machines. This technological revolution will be founded on key technologies such as cyber security, big data, cloud computing, augmented reality, robotics, rapid prototyping, radio frequency identification and tracking, plant super connection and 3D printing.

Our companies have the right workforce to face this revolution? A question not easy, it requires before that you answer any more questions:

  • what are the most relevant professions?
  • what skills should they have?
  • our education system is able to provide them?

The report

Thanks to WollyBi’s database we could access and analyze the Web job vacancies posted from February 2013, obtaining valuable information about the professions and their skill, both soft and hard, requested for a workers. In this way it was possible to get a detailed insight into the professional profiles of the manufacturing sector involved in the Industry 4.0 revolution .