TabulaeX is a former accredited spin-off of the University of Milano-Bicocca created to bring the research results to the market, in particular made at CRISP – Interuniversity Research Centre for utilities.


TabulaeX‘s mission is to provide innovative methodologies, tools of analysis and visualization of digital data (structured and unstructured) to support decision makers, improve business processes and enable new data-driven business models in private and governmental organizations.


  • Thanks to a highly innovative approach based on the analysis of Big Data and semantic analysis techniques, TabulaeX designs and makes tools for the  analysis and representation of the phenomena of specific application domains. Tools used directly by the user, thanks to graphic interfaces, simple and intuitive.

  • The full collaboration with the University allows TabulaeX to develop innovative methods and tools to analyse the data, as a result of several years of research, not easily available elsewhere.

  • Thanks to many years of experience in the Labour Market, TabulaeX is the ideal partner for all organizations that need a complete and detailed view on it.


The strong University’s partnership enables TabulaeX to operate at high-skill level in the following areas:

Statistical analysis tools and methodologies
Business Intelligence, Analytics and advanced data visualization
Web Analytics
Data Mining & Text Mining (machine learning)
Data Quality Management
Data Analysis